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what do electricians do?

What do electricians do?

Electricians are tradespeople who design, install, and maintain electrical systems. Depending on the job they’re on, electricians have many duties, such as: planning projects; installing new or upgrading old systems, wiring, receptacles, and lighting fixtures; troubleshooting and repairing issues; and supervising apprentices. Responsibilities also vary depending on what kind of electrician one is:
Construction electricians
Sometimes referred to as construction and maintenance electricians, these electricians plan, install, repair, inspect, and maintain electrical systems in new structures. Because they create brand new systems, they tend to do more design and planning than other electricians. They usually work in industrial, commercial, and institutional environments and can be employed by maintenance departments or electrical contractors.
Rural/domestic/low-rise residential electricians
These electricians plan, install and repair electrical systems in houses and other structures. Electrical contractors can employ them, but some work for themselves.
Industrial electricians
Employed by contractors and maintenance departments, these electricians work in mines, factories, plants, shipyards, and other industrial environments. They often work on much larger and more complicated electrical systems, and handle motors, generators, pumps, and lighting systems.
Power systems electricians (a.k.a. powerline technicians)
People working in this sector install, maintain, and repair overhead and underground electrical power generation, distribution, and power equipment and systems. They work for electric power and distribution companies, as well as electrical contractors and public utility commissions.
Other specialties
Electricians can specialize in what kind of work they do. Some choose to focus on building and designing new systems, while others specialize in maintenance of existing systems. The trend toward energy conservation has inspired many electricians to specialize in retrofitting old systems

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