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home electrical safety checklist

Electrical Safety Tips

home-safety-checklistSummary: This list of home electrical safety tips will help to safeguard your family against potential hazards.

Home Electrical Safety Checklist for to help Prevent Hazards

This Home Electrical Safety Checklist includes the following Electrical Items:

Smoke Detectors




Light Bulbs

and other areas of the home.

This is not an all inclusive list.

  • Test every Smoke Detector and replace the batteries as needed.
    Install Smoke Detectors in required areas. Smoke Detector and Smoke Alarm Safety Tips
  • GFI or Ground Fault devices or circuits should be installed where required for electrical outlets in these areas: Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Basement, Outdoor and any other location specified by local and national codes.
  • AFCI or Arc Fault circuit protection should be installed in bedroom areas following the specified codes by your local code enforcement authority.
  • Examine extension cords every year. Throw away any strands that show signs of wear.
  • Fixtures should have bulbs securely and point the sockets down to avoid moisture build up.
  • Follow the directions that come with lighting decorations.
  • Avoid overloading wall outlets and extension cords. Use a UL-Listed Plug Strip that has Overload Circuit Protection. Cold winter weather brings with it the need for space heating equipment. Make sure these devices are UL-Listed.
  • Unplug light strands before replacing any bulbs. Review the original package to verify proper wattage and voltage.
  • Replace light strand fuses with the same exact rated fuse. Consult the specifications. Do not exceed the allowed number of connected strands.
  • Never use electric lights or decorative ornaments on a metallic tree. Consider using colored spotlights instead.
  • Consider the kitchen table as a location when using a candle. Use a sturdy, heatproof container away from anything combustible including flower arrangements. Never leave a candle burning alone and never leave children alone with candles or matches. Candles can start fires and the hot wax can burn skin. If you ever get a burn use Aloe Vera gel, it works wonders! * Adult Note: Be extra careful when mixing romance and candles, I’ve rewired a home that was totally destroyed due to an unstable candle on a nightstand. Have fun but be Safe!
  • Dispose of fireplace ashes into a metal container with a lid until cold and place the container on bricks or on a heatproof surface. It could take several hours for coals to go out. Christmas vacations have been ruined when guests put ashes in a grocery bag and placed the bag on a wood deck which caught the deck on fire and the burned the home.
  • After parties, check around and under sofa and chair cushions for smoldering cigarettes. (Provide lots of good size ash trays for those who need a smoke.)
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors will help alert you and your family and are recommended for your home.
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  • Have at least one operable Fire Extinguisher readily available.

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