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your phone system and you

Phone technology has changed a lot in the past decade or two. The rise in popularity of cellular phones has made communication a near constant possibility, no matter where you are. Home phones, too, are more complex than ever before, and homeowners have several options for home phone service that simply weren't around in past years. Though repairs to a telephone itself are much more complicated than they were in the past, many homeowners will find that modern phone system repair is not as different from phone system repair in the past as they might imagine.
Phone System Repair Basics
When your home phone is on the fritz, your service professional will need to know where the equipment is, be able to gain access to it, and may require additional information such as the ID for the bad circuits, whether or not anyone has recently moved, added, changed, or reconfigured your telephone equipment, and a timetable of symptoms leading up to the failure.
In resolving phone failures, usually a person assigned to administer the PBX will be able to examine logs and other indicators to determine what the failure is. Both the cause, and scope of the failure must be determined.
Outside or Inside Wiring
The most basic question is simply whether the problem exists with the outside wiring (the telephone company's responsibility) or with the inside wiring (the homeowner's responsibility). When you experience problems with your home phone, the first thing to do is to try plugging your phone into a jack in a different area of the house. If all of the jacks in your house are malfunctioning, it is likely that the wiring leading to your house is the problem. If only one phone jack is giving you trouble, then the issue is inside the house. It is also a good idea to try a different phone in the offending jack, to make sure that the problem doesn't stem from the phone itself malfunctioning.
If the problem is with the outside wiring, this requires calling the phone company that owns the circuit, and identifying the circuit by an ID provided when the circuit was installed. It's an excellent idea to have the circuit ID written down and easily accessible. The phone company doesn't keep records of circuit IDs. But it can't identify the circuit without the ID. If the number can't be easily found, tracking it down becomes a very difficult, lengthy, and expensive task.
Hire a Handyman for Phone System Repair
If the problem is inside, you may want to contact a handyman service to identify and fix the issue. Since phone wiring inside the house is your responsibility, it makes sense for simple indoor phone system repair to be bundled with other small jobs such as fixing leaky faucets or squeaky doors. Let the handyman service know the tasks you have in mind when you contact them to make sure that the service professional they send can bring all the proper equipment for their visit. This will save you money and time by reducing unscheduled trips to the hardware store.
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